a split in time
a split of heart
two different places
two hemispheres
two universes
all held in one heart
I filmed this video entirely on my iPhone 6. Part of it was recorded in the UK while living in Brighton. I recorded my commute to London which I did every day to work at the Tate (Tate Britain and Tate Modern respectively). The opening of the video is looking out of the window of the Tate Modern staff canteen while on a late shift one evening. I was feeling homesick for Australia but loving working at the Tate. I was torn. I was born in England and didn't move to Australia until my mid twenties. I returned to England to be near my family and my husband Peter was happy to move. He joined a couple of bands in Brighton and enjoyed the music scene there, hence the colourful silhouettes of a guitar player. In the video this all then merges into the city scapes of London and Sydney. The moving to and from over decades of visits to each city tears me in two. Then when I finally moved back to Australia I felt I had to tell the inner story and probably one many people feel who have moved from their country of origin. I love being with family and close friends in London and Brighton but over the years of living in Australia, Sydney had become my home.
Although this video is about two specific places, it is also about any two places that people keep in their heart when you move and live in another country from which you were born. It's for all of us who live and love 'There and Here'.