I have had a camera in my hand from when I was 12 years old and discovered I could draw at the age of 14. I trained as a school teacher in the UK and art was my main field of study.
I didn't teach but worked in computing and as a PA. I was always trying to get back to art school and finally studied photography at the 'Photographic College' in Melbourne for two years back in the 80's. I carried my camera everywhere and always had a home darkroom in the analogue days.
Back in Sydney in the 90's I studied Desktop Publishing and became a digital artist and worked on 'Quantel Graphic Paintbox ' in a photographic lab and did photographic retouching and composition for advertising agencies such as George Patterson (Optus, Avis, Daihatsu), Kennedy Rea, Mojo (Toyota), Saatchi & Saatchi, Channel 7, Channel 9, David Jones, Grace Bros., Vale Display Advertising. This was prior to Photoshop becoming more and more popular.
So I began using Photoshop to retouch images for fashion magazines e.g. Australian Vogue, Elle and Dolly.
Following my heart down yet another track; in 2000 I became a full time yoga teacher! My other love. I always taught yoga on the side but then I decided to leave the world of advertising for the life of a yogi. I worked in several yoga studios prior to opening my own in Leichhardt.
But art called me back! I finally got to art school and completed my Bachelor of Visual Art in Photomedia at Sydney University.
I since lived back in the UK and worked at my favourite gallery Tate Modern which was a real dream come true.​​​​​​​
Back in the beautiful Sydney Town, I am still a photographic and video artist and I photograph and create videos about people and places, time, our hu-woman ways
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