What does a Qigong Class entail?
A typical Qigong class entails deep slow breathing. Followed by stretching and twisting movements incorporating that deep breathing that warm the body up and stretch it out. This starts opening up our energy channels - as we start moving the body and clearing out stress and tension, we release old energy - then we  do some strengthening and toning movements. The body is then ready for the flowing movements. Then we let the gentle flowing movements do their work – allowing our innate energy to flow through those cleared channels – our meridians.
Some of the Qigong movements we do prior to the flows can be very gentle, others a little more vigorous. All are different and have a very specific effect on body and mind. But all movements are easy, fun, and uplifting! And designed for any ‘body’!
Qigong provides a quick and easy system of self-care, inner healing occurs without us even knowing - our own innate healing ability. ​​​​​​​
What is Qigong?
Modern Qigong is a mixture of forms (movements/configurations) taken from the many different ancient Qigong forms and adapted for a more Western way of thinking and understanding.
The movements and exercises are easy to follow, gentle, a lot of fun, and take their names from animals (tiger, snake, monkey and deer) and nature (trees, water, the earth and sky). Qigong can be practised anytime or anywhere without special equipment or facilities. It also doesn't require a lot of getting up and down from the floor which makes it extremely suitable for those with physical challenges.
A lot of our world is invisible. In fact most of our world is invisible - we cannot see the wind, we cannot see radio waves that carry our phone messages, our tv images around the world. What moves the oceans? What spins our planet? The planets around us? The is not an explanation for it but we can give it names such as 'Qi' or 'Energy' or in our bodies it is 'Bio Electricity' - it is our own 'energy body'. Just as we have a physical body, we have an energy body. This energy body interacts with the energy around us. The air we breathe in - oxygen from the trees - then the trees breathe in our carbon dioxide. We cannot see this but it is essential to us being alive! Just as essential as the planet turning, the sun rising. All this happens without us interfering. There is an intelligence - this intelligence is also in our bodies. Our bodies breathe without our help, our heart beats, our blood flows, we digest our food - all without thinking about it. The body has an innate intelligence and we can tap into that intelligence and the energy that moves it - we can increase how well our body functions and moves and lives within this world. We can tune in to the energy around us and increase our connection not just to ourselves but to our world around us! We can do this with Qigong!
Your body is a complex system of fascia - think transformative liquid/crystalline goo, along with structured water, membranes, tissues and bone AND Qi ⚡️

When we practice Qigong we release tension, soothe the nervous system, regulate the breath and increase the flow of blood and fluids in the body. Its holistic. 
What is Qi?
Qi is energy. It is life force. It’s the animating factor in your body.
Out there in nature it’s the movement of the ocean, it’s the energy behind your heartbeat that pulses your blood through your veins.
Qi is the life force energy that moves through the body.
What is Gong?
Gong means to work with. 
You put the two together, and you work with your own life force energy.
Working with our 'Qi' our 'Energy' is amazing for our health and wellness, but it is also be for our emotional and mental wellbeing and balance. We become a 'well being' in our entirety.
We work with ALL our life force energy.
We begin to develop a skill and expertise on how to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.
The better that life force energy flows the healthier we feel, the happier we feel and the more connected to life in general.
Qigong also helps release aches and pains that creep up in many parts of our bodies, especially as we get older, particularly in the neck and shoulders, hands and arms, lower back and knees.
Qigong is the art of effortless power and mirrors the movements of nature.
When you do Qigong practice it helps to activate that natural flow of energy within you.
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